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Interiors are something that every person would like to be appealing and attractive in their own way. This is the reason why many people work on the interiors of a room and space where they hire Interior Designers & Architects in Gurgaon who specialize in Interior Designing and Interior Decoration. They understand that these professionals are needed who would be able to understand the needs of the client comprehensively and put together a plan that would ensure to meet the design vision of the client.

Every space or a room or building has its own requirement that has to be catered differently and on a different scale depending on the project to project. When it comes to availing the interior designing services and decoration professionals, one would have to decide whether he or she would want a proper firm or an individual professional to work on their space.

Let us first understand the difference between interior designing and interior decoration.

These terms are usually used interchangeably by people, however, there are differences between these two. However, in the end, the goal of both these professionals is to make the space aesthetically attractive.

Interior Designing is the art and science of enhancing an interior space of a building or a room with elements of designs that will elevate the whole look of that space. This requires a layout plan, research, coordination, and management of the interior designing team.

An interior decorator is the one who is more into the placement of interior fit-outs of a particular space such as accessories, artistic pieces, paints, furniture, decorative showpieces that help in beautifying the space.

The main difference is not just in the capacity of the functioning of the two professionals but also in the qualifications that they both require. The interior designer requires a degree related to the field of interior designing where along with the visual impact they have to work on the spatial technicalities as well. The interior decorator may or may not require a degree however experience and the portfolio does play an important role in the management of space.

After understanding the differences between interior designing and interior decorator, it will now be easy to understand their role and functioning as well as be able to differentiate their services.


The service imparted by the interior designer would entail a number of components that they need to follow before implementing their design plan.

Below are the stages in order through which an interior designer works:

Examining the space with the structural and architectural elements


Understanding the requirements and the kind of design vision of the client


Showing samples of designs with a broad theme to the client


Handing over the designs to the contractor and the construction team


The contractor and construction team executing the interior design plan


The interior design layout is implemented with particular specifications and technicalities                 


Interior Designer would ensure the work progress by periodic check and supervision 

When it comes to interior designing work, it is always better to have the contractor, Architecture in Gurgaon and the  Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon belong from the same firm as the whole work process and duration becomes easier to account for as well to keep a tab on it.


The main service offered by the Interior Decorator is to do with the movable items that would make the already existing space more visually appealing. He or she generally assembles the movables and places them at the right spot. Sometimes they also follow a design plan which guides them in decorating the space. What they are really good at is to know what kind of item would be the best to suit a particular space along with the kind of materials used in the decorative things such as the kind of wood for furniture or the kinds of glass decorative pieces or the types of artistic paints available in the market.

The art of transforming the space lies with both these professionals where their job is to augment the looks of the room aesthetically where it helps in serving the purpose of that space.

Hence, this is the difference between the interior designer and interior decorator. Acad Studio is an all-encompassing architectural and interior designing firm that is led by Aayush Chaudhary. The team of Acad Studio is one of the best Architecture Firms in Gurgaon, who will guide you with interior designing as well as other architectural services that involves making a space vibrant with respect to the structural and architectural elements of that space.

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